• Formula 1 Cars To Switch To All-Wheel Drive In 2021?

    Reporter: Azmin Ramlie
    Published: Friday, 27 October 2017
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    Don’t be alarmed by the title just yet, this is not a definite thing. According to an Autosport report, Formula 1 (F1) teams have been invited to meet with the FIA and F1’s commercial rights holder next week to discuss details of the next engine and car rules from 2021 onwards, and going all-wheel drive (AWD) will be one talking point.

    The main idea is to improve the show by having more on-track overtaking. Having AWD would significantly improve the cars’ mechanical grip, thus allowing drivers to follow each other more closely on track to hopefully, pull off more genuine passes (rather than easy DRS-assisted fly-bys).

    It’s said that a few teams would be in favour of having the front wheels driven by a front-axle Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS). This way, the race cars would gain AWD traction without having to send drive to the front wheels from the mid-mounted engine. Similar systems are already in use in WEC’s LMP1 prototype racers.

    Nothing is carved in stone just yet, of course. This is just one of many ideas that will be discussed. Still, what do you think of this – should F1 go AWD? Let us know in the comments below. - Paultan


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