• Bekas Isteri Nedim 'Buka Mulut' Isu Halang Jumpa Anak

    Reporter: Dayyan Mikhail
    Published: Tuesday, 12 September 2017
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    Dalam soal rumahtangga dan perceraian, kita tidak sepatutnya hanya mendengar cerita dari sebelah pihak semata-mata. Sebelum ini Nedim telah menulis di laman media sosial tentang isu dia tidak dapat dan dihalang berjumpa anaknya bernama Dre.

    Kali ini tiba giliran ibu kandung kepada Dre iaitu Nabila Khan, bekas isteri pertama Nedim untuk memberi respon.

    Ini komen Nabila Khan di laman IG miliknya:

    Everyone has a limit some people try for as long as they can to take the higher road and not stoop to another’s level … there are two sides to every story ..u chose to take advantage of my silence but excuse me some of us had to actually step up to the plate and become the parent u pretend to be on social media .

    Some people need to learn to have a little more dignity and not hang their dirty laundry in public in an attempt to gain sympathy . Let people live their lives in peace and stop being insanely desperate for attention that Ud use ur child to manipulate everyone else !

    This is the only post and comment that I will make regarding this issue .. because unlike some people I believe certain things shouldn’t be exposed to a 5 year old child it is private and should remain so and the victim here is the child so if ur ready to preach let’s see u actually put ur child above urself for once instead of constant excuses and photo ops to make up for it to show the world ur the father u want them to believe u r .

    Ur right about one thing though the truth will come out ( all of it ) and Alhamdulillah for that perhaps it’s about time tak yah nak fitnah sesuka hati ! For the final time live ur life leave ours alone

    Itulah komen dari Nabila Khan.

    Melalui posting dari Nedim pula, beliau ada membawa kes ini ke mahkamah untuk mendapatkan separuh hak penjagaan Dre.-PRU14.tv


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