• Small flap at Miri Hospital as wife swoons on Batman

    Reporter: Yusz Man
    Published: Monday, 10 October 2016
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    MIRI: Was Batman rescuing a maiden at Miri Hospital? Close – a man in full Batman outfit was seen there as he gave his warded wife the swoon of a surprise yesterday afternoon, clutching a ‘dately’ fruit basket.

    The presence of the comic superhero not only floored his maiden, but also gripped other visitors and hospital workers who gawked at the man with bats in the belfry perhaps.

    It was understood that the unknown man clad in the Batman suit was seen entering the building at around 12.30pm and exited minutes later.

    “It was an unusual sighting for me and interesting,” said one amused visitor who snapped images of ‘Batman’ strolling out of the building.

    The unmistakable DC comics character caused a stir, with many people zooming in on the caped crime-fighter with their mobile phones.

    Most uploaded his images to social media, stirring the curiosity of Internet traffic, amused with a batty Cosplay character.

    In reality, ‘Batman’ might have swooped in on the ‘Mascot Mania’ event held at Bintang Mega Mall. The event was held Oct 8-9.-BP


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