• ‘Pukau gang’ induces Brunei couple to hand over money

    Published: Tuesday, 4 October 2016
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    MIRI: A couple from Brunei reported to the police that two men cast a spell on them causing them to hand over 1000 Brunei dollars without realising their action.

    They are the latest prey of the ‘pukau gang’ who allegedly hypnotises their victims and induces them to hand over their cash.

    The wife made a report at the central police station (CPS) here yesterday afternoon.

    She said that the incident happened at around 10.30am inside a shop selling plastic products in Piasau.

    “One of the suspects tapped me on my shoulder and asked whether I have money for exchange,” said the complainant.

    “During the conversation, my husband and I fell into a daze and handed over all of our cash,” she said.

    Investigation on the incident is underway.

    The complainant managed to obtain CCTV footage (from the shop) showing the suspects walking out from the shop after ‘robbing’ the couple.-BP


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