• Intensive care for 250kg man

    Published: Friday, 23 September 2016
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    SIBU: The 33-year-old obese man, who needed firemen, several others and a lorry to help him to hospital, is in intensive care.

    His mother, identified only as Kho, said Sia Chi Herng was able to “speak a bit” yesterday. Sia, who weighs 250kg, had been warded on Wednesday with breathing difficulties.

    According to the 63-year-old woman, he started developing a weight problem about two years ago, after injuring his right heel at a timber camp. His weight ballooned from 100kg to what it was now, she said.

    “He was of normal weight when I gave birth to him, about 3kg,” she said, similar to what his 36-year-old brother and 30-year-old sister weighed at birth.

    In 2010, Sia was a general worker at a timber camp in Miri for two years before he asked to be posted to another in Kapit.

    “One day while in the camp kitchen, the old wooden flooring suddenly gave way and his heel fell through,” she said.

    “It felt all right but about a month later, he started to have a terrible pain in his heel.”

    Kho said her son was admitted to hospital and had surgery on the injured part, doctors told him that a vein had been damaged.

    After that, he seemed all right and went to work in Bintulu but after about a month, the pain returned and he was forced to quit his job.

    In May 2014, he came home and was in hospital again for the same ailment. He was treated but was confined to his home.

    “During this period, his started to grow in size. This worried me but I could not do anything.

    “Our relatives advised us to get him to cut down on his food but he ignored us,” Kho said, adding that Sia had not been overeating.

    “Most times he was having just two meals a day.”

    Coupled with his ballooning weight, the pain in his heel became unbearable and he had to rely on a quadrupod walking stick given by one of his aunties, to move around the home.

    “His condition worsened over the past four days and he could only crawl on the floor,” she said.

    “He could not urinate and then had chest pains, followed by breathing difficulties.” That’s when Sia asked for medical treatment.

    Twenty people and the five-tonne lorry helped him cover the 11km distance to hospital in an hour and 40 minutes. - Thestar


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