• "Dap Ignorance Of The Rural Development Needs"

    Published: Friday, 23 September 2016
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    The majority of the people in the Sarawak and the rural communities in particular were hurt and sad by the Sarawak DAP State Assemblyman, YB Wong King Wei’s comment on the travel time once the Batang Sadong Bridge is open to public.

    One of the villagers, Tuai Rumah Kg Sg Bulu, Sili ak Bunsi, 70 was upset by YB Wong’s statement and said that they have been waiting for ages for the bridge to become reality.

    “I feel upset with the opposition who have made such statement. He and his party has been continuously politicizing development issues in Sarawak. I told our people here to ignore what they have been saying, because we know what will benefit us from the completion of Jambatan Batang Sadong.”

    Meanwhile, Sadong Jaya Chinese Community Rep, Teo Thuan Theng said DAP wants to be seen as champion and is purposely creating issues from the completion of Batang Sadong Bridge.

    “They can continue to bark, but we will not be bothered with petty issue like this because we know they are always inconsistence with their principles. Their Go-Rural Campaign for example, was just an empty talk,” he said.

    A member of Simunjan Village Development and Security Committee, JKKK, Shukran Zain too, lambasted DAP over the statement saying that they failed to see the hardship and difficulties that the people in that area have to face without good roads and connectivity.

    “It saddened us to read the statement because he doesn’t know how difficult it is for us to commute from here to the city especially when there is an emergency and there is a need to go to the nearest hospital in the city and having to wait for the long queue at the ferry, it adds the pain.”

    Meanwhile, YB Datuk Hajah Nancy Shukri when contacted, reacted that she was not surprised with the statement.

    According to Datuk Hajah Nancy, the Sarawak DAP with their anti-rural development political agenda towards the rural communities in Sarawak contrary to their “DAP’s Impian Sarawak Campaign”; once again surface.

    Barely two years ago, Sarawak DAP’s Chairman had questioned the state Barisan Nasional government in the State Legislative Assembly for seeking an additional RM500 million development budget for accelerating the rural development in the State.

    “As politicians, we in the Barisan Nasional may forgive YB Wong King Wei and his party, Sarawak DAP for their ignorance but not the people in the rural constituency for Sarawak DAP anti-rural development political agenda. YB Wong King Wei’s comment has proven their ignorance of the rural communities wishes for development to reach their door step,” Datuk Hajah Nancy Shukri said.
    As reported in FMT, DAP through their state assemblyman YB Wong King Wei had questioned the development project by the Barisan Nasional Government, the construction of the Batong Sadong bridge in my constituency.

    Datuk Hajah Nancy said, YB Wong King Wei has failed to understand the inspiration and commitment of the Barisan Nasional government to provide connectivity and development for her people throughout the state.

    “I received a lot of feedbacks from my people at the constituency on this issue. Many expressed their disappointment. YB Wong King Wee with his statement has broken the hearts of many rural communities in the surrounding areas by criticizing the construction of the Batang Sadong bridge which the people have requested for years from the Barisan Nasional Government,” she said.

    Datuk Hajah Nancy added, it is undeniable fact that the Batang Sadong bridge will shorten the travelling journey by not less than 1 hour or 70 to 80 km from Kuching to Simunjan, Sebuyau, surrounding coastal area up to Batang Lupar and through out the state.

    She said, YB Wong King Wei has failed to understand that with the completion of the Batang Sadong bridge, it will not only shorten the travelling time but prosper the economic activities in my constituency and surrounding coastal area in the state.

    With this connectivity, few big industry players and investors have indicated to invest in my constituency and projected to attract more big industry players and investors to invest in the surrounding coastal area in the near future.

    Datuk Hajah Nancy reminded the people that they should reject DAP’s Impian Sarawak campaign to bring development to the rural constituencies which is a “political gimmick” in pursuing DAP unfulfilled political agenda. They claim to champion and help the rural communities but they are hindering and discouraging government efforts to provide better connectivity and accessibility for the rural communities. - Sarawakiana 


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