• Daim and Kadir Toying On Our Economy

    Published: Tuesday, 6 September 2016
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    Who in this world would not be worried if any of us will be declared bankrupt. Our property will be frozen and all facilities in the country will blocked that such phenomena surely is a nightmare. It all stems from failure to repay loans either from banks or any credit institutions depending on the amount too. What more when our country will be faced with a bankrupt situation and to reassure the public, this statement comes from a former Finance Minister Daim Zainuddin, who is well known for his fortune in the days of Dr Mahathir, but sadly not famed for his discretion in dealing with financial crisis.

    The ugly perception that our nation is going bankrupt seems an annual event toyyed by oppositions and surprisingly they all began since independence that it was widely alleged in those early days of Dr Mahathir’s premiership and even towards the end of his tenure too. At the times of Dr Mahathir, the nation experienced economic downturn twice and its uncertainties for 3 times, where Daim was the Finance Minister, he had resigned as both the finance minister and UMNO treasurer as well.

    Today, once again we are shocked by a message sent via WhatsApp alleged to be from the one and only Daim Zainuddin that almost turned everyone into panic. The message is telling us how crucial our nation’s financial status that it may last for only a few months. Bear in mind that this message is from someone who knows about the nation money flows whether within the country or abroad.

    But what shocked most of us is that it seems Daim is no more appearing in the usual intelligent discorse or perhaps answering exclusive media interviews anymore that he has chosen to play with a social communicator tool that anyone on the street who owns a smartphone could read his messages. Well, WhatsApp is a free application. Is Daim levelling his judgements on the country’s economy and financial as any other spam texts. What a waste!

    Whatever that came out of his mouth is like expecting a lump of gold popping out as he is known to be a man of few words. Therefore those messages need to make believe and the subject rallying around at how severe is the present nation’s financial situation hence to convince that PM Najib’s performance as our Finance Minister is truly appalling. Subsequent to it, his ally Kadir Jasin who is not an economist but merely an ex-Chief Editor, wrote the same issue in Sinar Harian at almost the same hour.

    Most of us and even those in the rural and kampungs understood right away that these anti-Najib team intentions who are contemplated to create bad perceptions that might trigger not only a panic alarm but above all they ought to be irked at PM Najib’s leadership despite whatever produced are deviated from truth and facts. That is all!

    Unfortunately, it is not what Daim and Kadir had expected when the panic alarm did not last for too long. First, their propaganda strategies are still at their 80’s when informations are beyond reach and instant two ways communications are limited. The duos expect us to swallow whatever they have produced but the present rakyat despite their age and society class, they are taught to scrutinize every word written and cross checked them. It is no more a surprise when a 30 years old document can be easily obtained these days.

    Daim and Kadir are also toying around with financial figures that was supposed to make their arguments looks real and convincing. But, it is truly embarassing when ordinary citizens are able to spot their silly mistakes. For someone like Daim who ought to be meticulous with datas and as for Kadir who should have instincts for accuracy, they seems to have lost all these values.

    They should never compromised to make silly mistakes when the difference of a currency in USD but was written in Ringgit Malaysia. A blogger highlighted how careless these duo are when our country reserves are supposed to be USD101 but was written RM101 which depreciates the values to almost 4 times.

    As for Kadir’s shocking mistake, he wrote that our nation’s debt had increased from RM250 billion in 2010 to RM656 billion in June this year whereas BNM’s annual reportings shown that the government debt in 2010 is RM407.1 billion or 53.15% of our GDP which is within the 55% debt to GDT ratio. Kadir even failed to elaborate or was ignorant of Malaysia’s GDP growth to almost 3 1/2 times the size of what it was when Mahathir retired in 2003.

    As always, to confuse the people, Daim and Kadir are fond of including acronyms and jargons too that any layman would find them difficult to understand.

    Unfortunately again, the majority simple minded citizens have their simple day to day reasonings to counter check the duos allegations. Should the economy is worsen or perhaps at a criticial state, they would quick to wonder on why are the mega malls around them never failed to be visited by mass, why are there still traffic congestions and this does not only happened in capital Kuala Lumpur but they can even witnessed them back in their kampungs. As Eid al-Adha is drawing near, thousands of cattles are prepared for the ceremony and all that centres to people who are spending money.

    For a more educated citizens, they would watch closely if any commercial banks in town have recorded a loss and yet to be declared bankrupt eventhough there are one or two who have decided to close some of their inactive branches. These executives or perhpas the urban yuppies would rather wait for an official explanation to rectify doubts over allegations and accusations.

    The fact is, Daim, Kadir and his anti-Najib allies have underestimated even the ordinary citizens. Once their silly mistakes are instantly noticed by ordinary citizens, they are backfired that their intelligence and credibilties are doubted and of course unreliable. Instead, their hidden agendas surfaced that as the present political unrest created by their master Dr Mahathir, wild guesses are no more running around but malice intentions to coup the present government through economy uncertainties are definite.

    A piece of advice from the ordinary citizen to Daim that he should stop his attempt toying our economy with baseless judgements. Utilise the usual intelligent discourse and not playing around with WhatsApp as a platform to disseminate spams. Whereas for Kadir, if econmics subject is not your forte, just focus on your journalism strategies and not trying too hard to be Jack of all trades but in the end you are proven to be a self-made idiot.

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