• Ucapan Bersejarah Pertama Dato' Stephen Kalong Ningkan

    Published: Friday, 19 August 2016
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    Pakar kajian sejarah Datu Sanib Said, dalam buku tulisannya "22 Julai 1963 Dalam Sejarah Sarawak, Antara Fakta dan Dusta" turut memuatkan ucapan pertama kali Ketua Menteri Pertama Sarawak Dato' Stephen Kalong Ningkan pada 31 Ogos 1963.

    Berikut isi kandungan ucapan tersebut;

    "Today Sarawak is entering a new era in its history. It is independence self-governing state, it stand on the trheshold of a promising future-a future that need in full the loyal co-operation of everyone of its citizens. It is my pleasure and privilege, as the first Chief Minister of Sarawak, to bring you these good tiding which have already been numored aloud.

    Sarawak, as we all know had always maintained a separated entity of its own. From the 15th until early part of 19th century, it formed part of the Sultanate of Brunei. British influence under the Brooke Regime, which began in 1841, gradually brought peace and prosperity to the country. In 1941, to the centernary of Brooke Rule, the Rajah enacted a new Constitution representing the first stage toward democratic self-government.

    After the dark days of the Japanese occupation, the rajah resumed administration, but considered it best for Sarawak to come under the British Crown. When Crown took over the administration, its policy toward its colonies had already been expounded and put into effect in many part. That was and still is, the policy of British Government-the leading of its colonial peoples towards the goal of self-government. We have now arrived at the goal. And we are not the only people who had achieved self-government through the same democratic processes.

    In the British Commonwealth at present are many African and Asian countries which have thus gained freedom. They did so without resorting to armed revolutions and blood bathes which are now being advocated by men who preach strange ideologies which are foreign to our way of life. Everyone of us know how country like India, Burma, Ceylon and Malaya in Asian in Asia, and Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya in Africa were granted independence.

    We will now be able to join, as an independent, self-governing unit the Federation of Malaysia which will come into being on September 16.

    As the Chief Minister, it is my duty, on behalf of the people of this country, to pay tribute today to the British who had guided us through many difficulties to arrived at our destination. Our debt to them is one which will remain eternally as Sarawak marches on towards greater heights.

    It reminds me of the well known Malay proverb 'Berhutang mas dapat di bayar, berhutang budi, di bawa mati',- Literally it means that a material debt is always payable, but a moral one remains untill after death. The only way in which we can hope to repay all what we owe to those who had taught us to walk in the paths of honesty and integrity, and to achieve what all men strive for-freedom of thought, and action and speech-is by proving ourselves worth of the gift that had been bestowed on us.

    We must remember that in the whole of Malaysia, Sarawak is the largest State with largest representation in Federal Parliament. Our responsibilities, too, therefore, would be proportionately greater. It is now our duty to foster the growth of the great democratic traditions we had inherited and do our best to ensure that we are not led astray by milgrages of life.

    We also must bear in mind that the difficulties that we had encountered, and are still encountering, are but the biggining of our trials. It is the bounden duty of each and everyone of us to cherish and hold the freedom that we had won so that the forces of evil that are now working against us many be defeated in the end.

    I am certain that our beloved land which had given refuge and freedom to many from farand near will emerge triumphant at the end.


    I therefore urge everyone of you who have made Sarawak your home to remain faithful to the land or you adoption. I hope and pray that this land of ours will ever be blessed with the peace and security that it deserves and that all its peoples, whatever race or origin they may be will realise that they owe undivided loyalty to the country of their adoption.

    I take this opportunity of whising you all peace, properity and happiness in the new Sarawak that you have helped found, and let us pray that the hand of Province that had guided us to our glorious destiny, will continue to guide the country in its affairs in the years to come,"

    Ucapan ini seharusnya difahami sedalam-dalamnya serta bahan sejarah sebegini seharusnya menjadi rujukan sebenar sejarah yang terdapat di Sarawak.- Sarawakiana


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