• Plane crash: Firefighter dies saving 282 passengers

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    Published: Thursday, 4 August 2016
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    DUBAI – A hero firefighter has died saving 300 passengers and crew after an Emirates plane crash landed at an airport today.

    Jasim Issa Mohammed Hassan died while putting out the flames after the jet crashed and burst into flames at Dubai International Airport.

    All passengers and crew on board were saved but it has now emerged that the firefighter died after sustaining injuries during the rescue efforts.

    Saif Al Suwaidi, director of General Civil Aviation Authority said the firefighter “lost his life while saving the lives of others”.

    As reported by The National, Mr Al Suwaidi said: "I salute his ultimate sacrifice that kept many from harm’s way. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family."

    The man helped 282 fliers and 12 cabin staff escape from the burning jet alive after it crash landed at Dubai International Airport this afternoon.

    Today, officials paid tribute to his 'ultimate sacrifice' .

    The General Civil Aviation Authority said (GCAA) said in a statement: "This Boeing 777 flight was carrying 282 passengers with 18 crew members on board.

    It has now emerged that the Emirates plane had aborted its landing seconds before smashing into the runway.

    Air traffic control reports now reveal that Flight EK521 had been on its final approach to the airport when it aborted its landing.

    It attempted to 'go-around' - meaning to carry out a second attempt at landing.

    However, instead of climbing height to begin a new approach, it instead touched down on the runway and burst into flames.

    There are now questions as to why the plane's landing gear appeared to have not been lowered as it came into land.

    The crew have been praised for evacuating the plane so quickly which saved all 300 people on board.

    However, aviation expert Anthony Davis has raised concerns over how the plane came to crash land and speculated pilot error could have been the cause. - SH


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