• Passengers Face Congestion At Belaga-Baleh Jetty

    Reporter: Dayyan Mikhail
    Published: Friday, 26 August 2016
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    Foto The Borneo Post
    KAPIT: The Belaga-Baleh Jetty here is facing congestion because the town’s two other jetties are being upgraded.

    On Thursday, the Kapit Terminal was closed for a three-month project following a directive from the Sarawak Rivers Board (SRB), while the New Bazaar Jetty closed for repairs and upgrading work last year but was not reopened as scheduled in June.

    A check on the situation on the first day of the latest closure found passengers confused by the move to the Belaga-Baleh Jetty.

    Overcrowding was observed and passengers also had a challenging time trying to reach their designated boats, which were moored side by side.

    A passenger, who only wished to be identified as Ah Kau, said the Kapit Terminal should not have been closed before the completion of work on the New Bazaar Jetty.

    He complained that having all the express boats moored together was complicating matters for passengers.

    When contacted, SRB Kapit officer in charge Riyong Barau said the use of the Belaga Jetty is just a temporary arrangement.

    “There’s no alternative because the other two jetties are closed. This is a temporary arrangement. I know it causes great inconvenience to the users, but that’s the best we could do given the only jetty available.

    “Please bear with us and we hope the contractor doing the contract will complete the project on time or ahead of schedule. Then everything would return to normal,” he said. -BP


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