• Calls For Guidelines On Pokemon Go

    Reporter: Bukan Nama Sebenar
    Published: Friday, 12 August 2016
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    SIBU: The Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) has called on the government to develop guidelines for the location-based augmented reality game Pokemon Go.

    When contacted yesterday, MCPF senior vice-chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye said the foundation noted the game has become an “obsession” among the public, especially the younger generation.

    “I see people everywhere very much engrossed in the game – using their smartphones and hopping from one place to another. Perhaps, the government can come up with the dos and don’ts to avoid any kind of unpleasant situation.

    “So, this has to be made very clear besides the call for authorities to carry out studies to see what is the impact of

    people engrossed with playing this digital game, including the social safety aspect,” he said.

    Lee cautioned that being too engrossed with the game could provide opportunities for criminals to act.

    “Be mindful that would-be bad hats could just snatch away your smartphones,” he warned.

    He pointed out that those overly engrossed in the game could also possibly trespass into private or security areas.

    Lee, who is Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (Miros) chairman, also reminded road users to refrain from playing Pokemon Go while on the road.

    “There is nothing wrong to indulge in Pokemon Go as after all, it is just a digital game like any other game people like to play.

    “But in their obsession and deep concentration in playing the game, I would like them to remember the safety tips. Of uppermost importance is one cannot concentrate on driving while playing the game at the same time,” he stressed.

    From the aspect of occupational safety and health, Lee did not discount the possibility that playing the game could pose a threat to safety at the workplace.

    “In a construction site for example, and say, you are a crane operator, all this engrossing can cause an accident to happen.

    “Likewise, if you are driving a bus, you are exposing yourself and passengers to danger,” added the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health chairman. -Borneopost-


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